Jess Davies is an artist printmaker currently living and working in Devon, UK. She is chiefly a printmaker, but occasionally makes paintings too, and jewellery. Her work often comprises very simple images that are very evocative of mood and space. Jess’s work is gaining an appreciative audience who often comment on the unusual images and marriages of colour, the balance of textures and encapsulation of a scape in only a few marks and shapes.

Jess originally trained at Canterbury College of Art, and then studied theatre design at Nottingham Trent University, but subsequently changed course into acting, working and touring with a number of theatre companies. Later she moved to Brighton where she lived for 20 years, teaching drama and English, and then becoming involved with  ‘arts-based training’, using the arts to support change in organisations. She designed and led workshops, and also worked as a role-player in equal opportunities and diversity training.

In 2006-7, now in her forties, Jess travelled to Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, WWOOFing and volunteering on land and projects, and this journey was a catalyst for several life changes. It was part world pilgrimage, part rediscovery of lost and forgotten inspirations and passions.  In 2008 she moved to rural Devon to work for Buddhafield, an ecodharma project, and this immersion in landscape inspired Jess to return to an art practice that she had stifled. In 2010 she started to make prints, and since then Jess has been developing her artwork into something coherent and thriving, and she is now starting to exhibit regularly.

If you are interested in sizes and prices of work, or commissions,  please call 07791559227 or drop Jess a message through